About Me

Hi there, welcome to my site!

I'm Shen, a (slightly obsessed) collector of carnivorous plants, especially in the genus of Drosera and Nepenthes. I've been collecting carnivorous plants with ups and downs since I was 12. That was 11 years ago already. The time really does fly when you're having fun with your plants. At the moment I'm in my third year of uni studying Forestry and Nature Management in The Netherlands with the major Applied Ecology and the minor People and Nature.

Besides all that I'm autistic and have ADD, which basically outs itself in me having extremely specific interests and betting bored of them quickly. At this point I have a rotation of the same interests, so this website might fall to the background at some point. There might also be some weird sentences, because I lost focus halfway-through. Please use the contact form to help me find them.