About The Website

This website has been created to function as a guide to identify sundew species based on lots of pictures and detailed descriptions. The goal is to help people along in the massive world of Drosera, and inspire people to seek out more unknown species and hybrids to liven up their collections.

Besides the practical aspect of the website, it will also be used as a place where I share detailed and high-resolution macro pictures of my own plants. I know that some people enjoy simply looking at pictures of sundews.

Apart from sundews there will also be information about other genera of carnivorous plants and a section about growing plants peat-free.

There are plans to create a seedbank based on my personal collection. This way seeds will never be mislabelled and people are able to see what the plants will look like.

A special thanks to Romain Quinet from phito.be for providing some pictures and plants!