Frequently Asked Questions

Can we trade plants?

Depending on what's available from my collection and what I'm looking for, a trade is possible. Do keep in mind that this is Europe only due to customs and costs. At this moment (June 2021) my collection is still very young and I often don't have multiple of the same species.

Can I order seeds?

I'm planning this service in the future for Europe only due to customs.

What do you feed your plants?

I'm feeding my plants a combination of fish food and nutritional yeast. It will be nutritional yeast-only after I run out of fish food due to animal welfare and sustainability reasons.

What sources do you use?

There are several types of sources that I use, and I'll try to include them on every page.

1. Scientific sources. These are kinda hard to find for individual Drosera species, but are very detailed

2. Professional sources. This mostly includes the website of the International Carnivorous Plant Society (ICPS)

3. Personal and other growers' experiences. Some information simply doesn't have scientific or professional literature. In this case the best next thing is the experience of growers.